The book ”The Life of Man”

Four years of incredible hard work and dedication by the two authors, writing under the pseudonym of Jiří Marcela, resulted in the original 2010 publication of the remarkable Život člověka in Czech. A further two years were needed before The Life of Man was finally perfected for publication in English. This first English edition is available to readers after extremely close collaboration among the authors, translator and native speakers, with painstaking revision of the expert terminology, some of which has never before existed in the English language. Readers will find this amazing work an indispensable guide in the turbulent times we are currently experiencing, shining light on and offering hope in some of humanity’s darkest days. 2013, the year of the first English publication of The Life of Man has a symbolic significance, as together we enter a new era and begin to rediscover old truths. The Life of Man has been thoroughly compared, word for word, to the original Život člověka.

This truly extraordinary work provides new perspectives on the vital issues facing every human being. What is the essence of spirit and soul? How, on the physical level, are we able to explain the entry of Being into the human body (birth) or the departure from it (death, astral travel, near-death experience)? From which sources do thinking and emotions draw their immense powers which can strengthen or weaken the spirit as well as the human body? Can Love be measured, and how? Where may we seek the physical essence of Good and Evil? Why does our technically advanced civilisation produce so much violence, poverty, disease and ignorance and what can contemporary man do about this—what is the purpose of life? This book contains the answers to the above questions, and to many others. It offers simple and comprehensible solutions to everyone. The authors explain the causes and consequences of our problems in modern language, on the basis of the knowledge which materialistic, profit-oriented science does not possess, does not want to possess or can not possess. In so doing, The Life of Man also highlights the interconnections between ancient teachings and modern natural sciences. It emphasises the obligation of our civilisation to contribute to the shared well of cognition about Love, Matter, Energies and the Universe, from a different, rather than a materialistic perspective. It opens the door to cognition for contemporary man, with hitherto barely accessible information, hidden in a far distant time. It provides guidelines for readers to access this information for themselves and to use it for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of others—to live a freer and happier life of man…

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