…In the Euro-Atlantic region, the best-known symbol of Love is Jesus. But no less significant foreshadowers of Love and non-material essence of the Only Source of everything include Zarathustra, Hermes Trismegistus, Moses, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Muhammad and many others before and after. Each of these, in his own time and space, sowed the seeds of a deep systemic viewpoint of our being. This, among other things, confirms the Universal Principle that Love and also cognition do not have a discriminatory nature—there are no chosen nations, states, organisations, groups, individuals—everybody has the same right to love, to be loved and to learn—in compliance with his/her systemic needs…

Love is the state of total systemic integration of man with other people, Nature, the Universe, with everything, i.e. a state enabling him naturally to offer his ”services” and naturally use the ”services” of others. In the Universe, Love is also manifested as a file of Energies securing a natural communication and natural change. Love is Good. Through the level of application of its Love, a Creative Spirit therefore significantly influences the level of Naturalness of its thinking, its emotions, as well as its temporary human body…

Man—Contentment and Health

Man—Contentment and Health

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