Human Body

…To secure its needs, the Creative Spirit uses the non-material organs (systems) of the human body, which we collectively refer to as the non-material human body. They are an integral part of the human body and, together with its material part—material body, form one functional unit. The non-material body begins to act upon the material body during the fertilisation of an ovum by sperm and ceases with the termination of the functions of the material body, in death. More precisely, it is integrated back into the Non-matter of the Existence—the supra-universal as well as the universal soul. We thus understand the non-material body as a part of the human soul—as soul of the body. And it is precisely through this soul that the Creative Spirit in the human body-man can also communicate, albeit temporarily and to a limited extent, with its home environment, i.e. the ”world” beyond Matter, and also with its ”inhabitants”, such as its spiritual partner, as will be further specified…

 …The ”limiting” division and description of the non-material body are presented below, based on the possibilities of contemporary materialistic man. With the development of non-material cognition, this opinion will certainly be enriched by further viewpoints…

Non-material (simply: Energy) Organs of the Human Body

Non-material (simply: Energy) Organs of the Human Body

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