Non-matter (simply: Energy)

…The current concept of Matter as the origin of Energy, or Energy as a form of Matter, leads materialistic science to many questions that it cannot meaningfully answer. This is because Matter is not alone in the Universe and fulfils an entirely different role than that assigned to it. ”Besides” Matter, there is, separately and independently, also a complex of non-material Agents in the Universe. Without these, the existence of galaxies, solar systems, the Earth and man would not be possible. No material processes referred to as physical, chemical or biochemical could occur. Matter would lose its ”driving power” and would cease to exist. Besides Matter (Mat), the environment of the Universe therefore also contains non-material component parts, to which we drew attention in the previous chapter:

  • Anti-substance of the Universe (ASU).
  • Prime Substance (PS).
  • Energy (E).
  • Pre-matter (PMat)…

…The differences between Non-matter and Matter lie in their systemic roles. Because Non-matter governs Matter, Non-matter is the ”mysterious foreigner pulling strings and searched for” by the whole of materialistic science. It represents the eagerly desired, otherdimensional gateway to man on the path to a meaningful understanding of the Universe as well as of himself. Non-matter is therefore a natural and integral part of human life…

Agents of the Universe—Five Universal Substances