I-Creative Spirit influence my temporary covering of Non-matter and Matter, called the human body, through my thinking and emotions. Thinking is actually information processing performed directly by me, without the participation of the organs (systems) of my temporary human body. Awareness, consciousness, learning, Perception and other terms therefore, on the general level, represent the ways of my thinking, ways of my information processing. During this process, the brain is a ”mere” (although sophisticated above human capabilities) storage site for the information in Matter. That is why it is very important to examine thinking and subject it to self-analysis—the analysis of the Self (indicated also as Divine Core, My Divinity, Core of the Being, Higher Self…), my Love. The quality of my thinking reflects the degree of my knowledge of the Principles of the Universe and the extent of their application in my being, especially Love. Thinking, together with emotions, represents the second of two levels of the manifestation of a Creative Spirit that is also referred to as ego, Lower Self, soul of the Being, basic cognitive algorithms etc. The first level is the Self… Basic Terms

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