Religion is closely connected with the being and manifestation of Creative Spirits in the Universe in general. Therefore it is not a specific activity of man. In this definition, the subject of religion is to be aware of Love both internally and externally and to recognise its indispensable, fundamental role in the development of the individual and relevant community. Religion consists of seeking, developing and using findings which are the source and condition for the natural being of Creative Spirits. In the course of what is known as life, a function of religion is to assist a Creative Spirit in the realisation, from its temporary and limiting position in the human body, that Love is the Holy Grail which will reveal to him the cognition of its origin and meaning. Love will enable the Creative Spirit to achieve the tasks of its life plan (destiny, Karma) and to be able to live in Contentment and good Health. Of course, we do not have to label such acts as ”religion” at all. A label can also carry its historical, cognitive limitations… Basic Terms

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