Partially Creative Spirit

Partially Creative Spirits are one of three basic forms of Beings manifested in the Universe. The others are: Supracreative Beings and Creative Spirits. Compared to Creative Spirits, their tools for thinking and emotions are limited. They enter the bodies of dolphins, horses, some kinds of monkeys, dogs and elephants. Their purpose is to aid the Creative Spirit during its temporary limiting stay in a material body, to be a pleasant, patient companion in everyday joys as well as troubles, to remind the Creative Spirit, through their behaviour, of the significance of Love in its life and to alert it to the fact that it is not the only Being temporarily manifested in its temporary material body, able to perceive other than material stimuli. All the aforementioned animals can very accurately comprehend the thinking and emotions of man and react to it correspondingly. It is also valid that a Partially Creative Spirit-dog enters only the bodies of dogs (various breeds) and is not reincarnated, for example, in the body of a dolphin, horse, etc. or other organism. The same applies to dolphins, horses, monkeys and elephants… Basic Terms

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