By Love, we understand the state of the full systemic integration of man with other people, with Nature, with the Universe, with everything, with natural regard for the systemic position of the respective human Being. Such a relationship enables the individual naturally to offer his/her ”services” and naturally to utilise the ”services” of others. This is because Love also manifests itself in the Universe as a file of Energies securing natural communication and natural change. Love is Good. By the degree of application of Love, a Creative Spirit fundamentally influences the Naturalness of its thinking and emotions, as well as the functions of its temporary human body. An important finding is also that Love does not express the relationship only between given individual and another individual or only among a certain group of individuals. Love is non-specific, unlimited. Therefore we can not say that ”I feel love for this person or this group of people, but not for the others.” Love encompasses everybody and everything, simultaneously and unceasingly. The same also applies to everything inanimate. We do not call a relationship which includes a limited number of Beings or things, Love. This is rather affection, friendship, agreement of opinion… If these relationships are to last and provide only what is beneficial to their participants, they will not do so without Love… Basic Terms

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