Content of „Print Book“

  1. The contents of the „Print Book“ are identical to the contents of the „e-book“, with only some chapters appearing in a different order. This difference was required by the formatting of the e-book.
  2. We offer all publishers to whom „The Life of Man“ has an appeal and who would like to participate in its further distribution to cooperate in the publication of the English version (or another language version) of the „Print Book“. Please contact us: Contacts
  3. Furthermore, we offer collaboration in the translation and publication of the English version of our next book, titled “Considerations with Love”. At the moment, the Czech version of this is only available as an e-book. We anticipate that the translating team will be managed by our “Court” translator, Mr Viktor Horák, whose depth of knowledge and experience in the translation of “The Life of Man” are indispensable to us…