Karma is formed by Non-matter, simply Energies (information, deeds) which any given Creative Spirit has bound to itself in the course of human lives (these may be natural as well as unnatural) and also by Energies (information, deeds) produced by any given civilisation and its individual members (these may also be natural as well as unnatural). This creates a Karmic (information, deed) environment, that is, Energy files, with which the individual entering them must learn to operate naturally—to incorporate them naturally into his Karma, his cognition. That is why no Energy file present in any given community (on the planet) is part of the Karma of any particular man. According to the current and supposed Energy (Karmic) situation, the relevant Creative Spirit prepares its life’s intention—its Karmic plan. Therefore the Creative Spirit tries to seek such conditions as to enable it to fulfil its Karma as fully as possible, that is, to broaden its cognition as much as possible. When the Karma is fulfilled, the possibilities of human cognition and learning reach a maximum level and the relevant Being stops being reincarnated—its human existence is at an end—and develops in another way. Fulfilled human Karma—cognition—including its Energy content is integrated into the Existence… Basic Terms

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