Human Body

The human body is a temporary covering of the Creative Spirit during repeatable and temporary verification of its quality by staying in a material environment, that is, in the course of the life of man. The meaning of the existence of the human body is to secure such conditions as to enable the verification of the quality of the particular Creative Spirit in the most suitable and thorough way possible. This means that, after assuming responsibility for the chosen body (process of birth), a Creative Spirit finds itself in a practically unknown environment created by the body at that moment. Voluntarily and in accordance with its life intention (destiny, Karma), the Creative Spirit temporarily, for the time of its stay in the body, ”renounces” a part of its natural abilities and the access to the information of the Universe. This also applies to the cognition of who it is and what it is doing in the body. In the course of life, the human body consists of two systemically inseparable parts: the non-material (simply: Energy) human body and the material human body. The human body is one of the ”sites” for the application of Karma, another site being the ego… Basic Terms

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