We may regard faith as one of the forms of Targeted Non-material Influence, when its initiator applies Love in a very concentrated manner and for the required time, thinks of the relevant problem and its successful solution, processes the relevant information in the required manner and experiences everything accordingly. In this way, the corresponding Non-matter (including Energy) and Matter are bound from the surrounding Universe which then affect the initiator and everything related to him/her. For example, it disintegrates and removes unnatural substances from the body or creates the present and future conditions for his/her existence. In the beginning, the cognitive processes, too, in their direction, are particularly a matter of faith. On the psychic level (in our opinion more correctly: on the spiritual level), faith is the emotion which fills man when thinking about a problem, question, idea. It expresses his Contentment or discontent with what he is thinking about, to which solutions it is leading, his deliberations. We can say, that with a certain probability, faith constantly predicts a possible outcome. This probability increases, the higher our Systemic Cognition is, the closer we are to Love when resolving the relevant problem. The inner feeling that I should engage with the relevant task, that I will certainly learn something new, that I will find what I am seeking, that I will have success or fun, etc., we may therefore also refer to as faith. Faith, in addition, is an accompanying process to all our actions because, during and after the act, we verify whether the outcome justified our faith, our non-material Perception, e.g. was the outcome the confirmation of a hypothesis or simply Contentment and Health? In this way, we also develop our non-material Perception, cour non-material ”senses”, we heighten our faith, our ability to operate with Non-matter… Basic Terms

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