I-Creative Spirit influence my temporary covering of Non-matter and Matter, called a human body, through my thinking and emotions. Emotions are my feedback to my thinking. Thanks to them, the Self can evaluate the impact of my thinking on me as well as on my surroundings including my temporary human body and vice versa. Emotions enable me to discover whether my thinking is being implemented in compliance with my intention (including life intention) and with the Principles of the Universe. That is why it is very important to examine the emotions and subject them to self-analysis— the analysis of the Self (indicated also as Divine Core, My Divinity, Core of the Being, Higher Self…), my Love. The quality of my emotions therefore reflects the degree of my knowledge of the Principles of the Universe and the degree of their application in my being, especially Love. Emotions, together with thinking, represent the second of two levels of the manifestation of the Creative Spirit that is also referred to as ego, Lower Self, soul of the Being, basic cognitive algorithms etc. The first level is the Self… Basic Term

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