We may understand the ego as a file of the ways of thinking and emotions, inherent in any given Being, in our case in a particular man. It is one of the manifestations of the uniqueness of each of us. The establishment of the ego in one’s life intention, its input quality, has a fundamental effect on the relevant human Being. Let us remember that we are its creators. We start from our achieved qualities and goals in the relevant life of man. Likewise, by our actions during our existence before entering the relevant body, as well as in the course of the current lifetime, we remould our ego, our ways of thinking and emotions, so that it complies with the Universal Principles and enhances our Systemic Cognition. Sometimes we have more success than at other times. The ego thus simultaneously represents our life’s lighthouse, determining the orientation of our human wanderings, how much Love or suffering we bear, how easily or with what degree of difficulty we swim through life. In so doing, let us not forget that the ego—both the initial and current one—is our task in particular. The ego is one of the ”sites” for the application of Karma, another site being the human body… Basic Terms

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