Densification of the Human Body

The Densification of the human body specifies what Non-matter (including Energy) the body needs for the preservation of its Health as well as for the Contentment of the Creative Spirit and what Non-matter (including Energy) can change this state and how. Matter, whose Densification is systemically different from the Densification of a human body, is unnatural, systemically unusable by this body and can harm it by both internal and external influences. The systemic benchmark for the entire being and manifestation of man, for everything he does, is his Contentment, Health and the natural cleanliness of his living environment. Every individual, group, society can assess, with the aid of these criteria, how far they have progressed along the path to Systemic Cognition. This includes whether they are acting for their own benefit as well as the benefit of others, whether the Densification of their relevant food, clothing, building, devices, air, etc. is in compliance with their natural needs, that is, with Love… Basic Terms

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