Death does not mean the end of the existence of a Being (spirit), the end of common relationships, the end of common creation, the end of common interests, the end of common being. It is only the temporary interruption of awareness that the other individual is still with me. Due to the lack of cognition of contemporary society, this information is available mostly to Beings ”on the other side”, from where we all come into life and whence we all return again. The end of the life of man, death, begins by turning off the function of the SOURCE and starting the transformation of the material human body from the form of Higher Arranged Matter to the form of Lower Arranged Matter. At that moment, the Creative Spirit leaves the human body. The non-material human body is integrated by the process of death into the Non-matter of the Existence—the supra-universal and universal soul. Death therefore is not the termination of the being of a Creative Spirit, but means the end of one cycle of temporary use of one form of a body by a Creative Spirit… Basic Terms

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