Contemporary Civilisation

Each of us certainly realises that we are closely bound to Matter. A Creative Spirit temporarily ”closed” in a limiting material human body perceives the world primarily through the human senses and uses Matter both for the preservation of its temporary human existence and for acquiring knowledge about itself, others and its surroundings. During the past three centuries, we have invested immense efforts in the intensive and dynamic research on Matter. However, we may say that the cognition of man about the essence of Matter has not made any significant progress.

Contemporary science encompasses many specialised fields (Physics, Biology, Climatology, Geology) that are engaged in a detailed study of Matter and offer immense and remarkable files of data on Matter, but our civilisation is not able to operate systemically with these. Just as in past centuries, people still kill, mutilate, rob, hate and cheat each other, due to Matter. The idea that life will be more contented and healthy and the cognition achieved will be higher, the more and better material objects an individual owns or the more he produces, has not been confirmed. So-called industrial, scientific and information revolutions based on a purely materialistic approach have only ”improved” our self-inflicted harm and significantly contributed and still continue to contribute to the worsening conditions for all life on the planet.

More efficient killing machines subsequently complete the means presented as a proof of human progress, although they represent a permanent threat of catastrophe and lasting danger to man, his Contentment and Health. We refer to chemical and biological weapons, the nuclear industry, electromagnetic smog, industrial fertilisers, non-recyclable products, all kinds of harmful waste products, artificially produced and genetically modified foodstuffs, as well as diagnostic and therapeutic tools harmful to man and many other products of a materialistically and profit-oriented society. Millions of dead and disfigured people in wars or as a consequence of technological accidents, increasing criminality, a high and increasing morbidity, vast social differences, an overpopulated planet, devastated living environment—all these represent ”the progress of the human spirit”, all these warnings accompany so much emphasis on materialistic cognition.

The future thus far does not appear much brighter. The momentum of the impact of the unnatural actions by our civilisation far exceeds the period of one human life and the direction begun by an ecologically-oriented society is slowly coming under the control of powerful and profit-oriented interest groups. Blinded by unawareness and a desire for power and wealth, some are getting ready to pollute the planet and the body of man with other useless unnatural Matter, other useless unnatural Energies. In recent years, extensive information campaigns on the theme of Energy sources have been initiated. We can say that mankind is intensively resolving the issues of production, consumption and availability of Energy. Immense resources are being invested, material as well as human.

On a global scale, besides information, Energy has also become the strategic tool for gaining economic and political power. Because, without Energy, the contemporary materialistically and profit-oriented ”elite” cannot provide unnatural information, unnatural products and unnatural services, their main means of controlling others. The pursuit of Energies is thus oriented towards only one direction. Towards power and wealth. The impact of Energies on all living and inanimate Matter is not often taken into consideration, or it is considered only up to an ”permissible” extent.

Such a state is the consequence of the inadequate cognition of contemporary man about Matter and non-material Energies. Indeed, materialistic science still cannot clarify the primary cause of the creation of what are known as gravity and magnetism. That is why nobody takes into consideration some fundamental indicators, such as the immense and numerous sources of unnatural electromagnetic radiation. On the contrary, there are more and more transmitters, from military radars to mobile phones, and the information industry, in collaboration with Energy firms, is preparing to plague the world with wireless technologies as well as chips that will monitor the state of Health of man online. However, materialistic science has not yet explained the essence of disease and Health.

In view of the natural being and manifestation of man, it is this wholly unnatural environment which is intervening dangerously in his life. Scientific evidence of these facts is hidden from the public and is not given the suitable emphasis and freedom in the materialistic media. Also the ruthless liquidation of vast areas of vegetation as well as of mineral areas (both on and under the surface of the planet) contribute to the non-systemic Energy conditions on local as well as global levels. Paradoxically, these are materials that also create the natural environment for the existence and functioning of the human body. At the same time, in their natural form, they provide us with an example of how it is possible to work systemically with Matter. Man should protect and imitate such an example. This planet was not entrusted to us to recreate—conquer—but to integrate ourselves naturally into its living environment and to learn to behave in natural harmony with it.

Along the path to Systemic Cognition, Earth is meant to be man’s systemic partner, full of guidance and inspiration, not an opponent. But the contemporary level of Systemic Cognition is deficient, as is evidenced by the above-mentioned negative results of the mostly materialistically and profit-oriented behaviour of our civilisation, which is beginning to present a serious problem. We should also realise that each of us has contributed to this situation by our persistent support of the materialistic world view and the convenient refusal to change our personal approach. Matter should be the source of knowledge for man, it should be his ”good servant” and not ”bad master”.

The task of man is not the accumulation of Matter or the increase of his dependency on the Matter. In our opinion, the time has come to accept on a broader scale that the essence of existence and the manifestation of the human Being starts from Principles other than those based on the controlling, all-embracing role of Matter. The same is valid for the planet as a system of inanimate and living Matter as well as a subsystem of superior material objects, that is, solar system, galaxy and all Matter of the Universe. It is essential to change the viewpoint of the world. Every individual should start, if he/she so chooses, with him/herself. In so doing, let us not forget that almost each of us will return to continue our development in further lives. And those lives will be under conditions the creation of which we have participated in by our actions in previous lives.

We should accept and apply the universal finding that the most perfect ”terrestrial” technology, which can naturally adjust Matter to the needs of people and which can naturally use it without harming life or the planet, is man himself. The most powerful instrument and computer of man is his Love, thinking and emotions, the nature of which is non-material and, at the same time, the most accurate, as well as effective power in the Universe. Through Love, thinking and emotions, man can guide the flow of non-material Energies and recreate Matter in compliance with everything. These non-material skills are a natural part of every human Being and they alone can lead to what is so urgently searched for—the cognition of the essence of Matter as well as of life. However, this is only provided that man distinguishes and accepts the directing role of Non-matter towards its systemic partner—Matter—and that he applies it in his actions exclusively to another non-material Principle—Love. Thereafter, man will be able to explain paranormal phenomena, solve the problems of the Quantum Theory, discover the causes of incurable diseases, eliminate poverty and violence, renew the natural living environment on Earth—both Matter and Non-matter (including Energy) will be utilised for his benefit, he will be contented and healthy.

Non-matter, therefore, is natural to man. Many people devoted their research to it in the past and assembled remarkable teachings. They communicated their acquired knowledge in a way which corresponded to their time and culture, so that the society of the time was able to accept and even preserve it for future generations. They did so also in compliance with their Systemic Cognition and life intention. In this regard, we may search for the divergence of individual interpretations of Non-matter, the various approaches, methods and schools within the relevant teachings. However, the essence of their message remains changeless and unalterable. As examples of these admirable messages, we mention Indian Ayurveda, Chinese Taoism, Egyptian Hermetism, Tibetan Buddhism, Jewish Kabbalah, Christian Mysticism, Islamic Sophism, Anthroposophy… Man has intentionally discovered and utilised Non-matter (including Energy) for millennia, regardless of whether anyone wishes to accept or realise this.

Our era also provides constantly increasing information on Non-matter and an interest in the ”happenings outside of Matter”. The past 300 years have been characterised by a disregard for Non-matter and the negation of its existence. It was the consequence of this unnatural relationship to cognition which culminated in Europe between the 9th and 17th centuries, when discoveries about Non-matter were collected and kept secret with the objective of controlling others. ”Unchosen” but knowing people were restricted, pursued or wiped out. Just as ”consistently”, the access to knowledge on Matter was blocked. A close group of people did this to enrich themselves and to maintain power. This long-term unfavourable state led both to a loss of confidence in a non-material approach and a general insufficiency of material findings. The reaction was an intensive investigation of Matter.

Considerations on the theme of Non-matter, spirituality, were almost excluded from science and, at the beginning of the 18th century, the cognitive system as well as society as a whole stopped considering the non-material Principles of the existence of everything and everybody. Matter became the only correct way to progress and success. The natural desire of the human spirit for cognition subsequently very quickly produced an immense file of information on Matter. But, in the shadows of the material ”boom”, which indicated to man the hitherto undreamed of possibilities of operating with Matter, Non-matter remained. One extreme replaced another. Therefore, we have at our disposal not only many findings on Matter that we cannot use systemically, as well as many unnatural materials that we do not know what to do with and which threatens the Contentment and Health of both the individual and society.

In the context described above, we see the reason why people gradually turn to what are known as spiritual Principles, labelled mostly as senseless, confusing, unscientific. Infatuated with Matter, we have forgotten the inseparable part of Systemic Cognition and have not created to a sufficient extent a natural supplement to our file of knowledge about Matter. We lack information. Non-material illiteracy leads us to incorrect or incomplete solutions, creating individual as well as global crises. This is why we search in the past and study the teachings on Non-matter compiled hundreds or thousands of years ago. We will certainly learn from these, but let us bear in mind that they will not solve the problems on our behalf. After interesting and inspiring studies, we should add our part of the findings on Love and Non-matter to this precious heritage, in the spirit of our time, our culture and also in compliance with our Systemic Cognition and life’s intention.

Mankind therefore is beginning to awaken, with the Non-matter hidden in many concepts more often entering into its consideration. It is important that this process is also reflected in the scientific community, where talented, educated and respected individuals are encouraging a change of approach. The new viewpoint of the messages contained in the Quantum Theory serve as an example. As one of the greatest discoveries of contemporary materialistic research, we regard the finding that an observer always influences the observed phenomenon (even with a decision not to influence it). From here on, it is only a step to the understanding and recognition that many ”paranormal” and ”senseless” issues have their ”scientific” solutions, their rational material manifestation. For example, a healer with his Energy influence also really eases and eliminates the material manifestations of a disease. In this context, we can recall the almost 1,700 year-old statement of St.Augustine: ”Miracles happen not in contradiction with Nature but with what we know about it.”

When we add to his words the realisation of the uniqueness of each one of us, it is no surprise that our Perception of the world and our conclusions differ. We should use these differences for the mutual enrichment of our cognition and not to create an atmosphere of intolerance including the restriction of others. Indeed, we already know much about the manifestations of Matter, but piteously little about their causes. That is why we have so many problems with ourselves, with each other, with our human bodies and our material world. Every society eventually arrives at its own teaching or teachings on Non-matter, which reveal to it a broader view of the hitherto known and unknown. Development cannot be stopped. But we can experience it either in Love, harmony, compliance between Non-matter and Matter, or shaken by extremes and crises.

In conclusion, we add one more remark about science. As we have already mentioned several times, approaches have developed, particularly in recent times, built on the paradigm of Matter, which many consider to be the key to the cognition of all. They do not want to admit that it is merely one of many viewpoints of how the Principles of our existence may be investigated. Of course it is a very important one, because this is also our systemic task: to extend collective cognition built up over thousands of years with our unique approach, under which we also classify the world view held by contemporary science (see section: The Systemic Essence of Mathematics and its Message). But we have to understand that we will not fulfil our mission with conceited and unfounded slogans about the most advanced civilisation, without recognising the existence and function of Non-matter.

Simply speaking, the assumption that it is not possible to achieve the Universal Principles and progress without the electron microscope and CERN is purpose-built and short-sighted. In this connection, we consider the main obstacle to the development of contemporary science the theory which recognises only material senses and material devices to be the natural tools of research. The problem is not in the definition of scientific methods or the evidence requested by many, but in the definition of the devices and scientific methods by which the evidence is to be obtained. In our view, Alchemy, Islam, Yoga, Kabbalah, Christianity, Magic, Shamanism, Taoism and other teachings belong among scientific fields.

In addition, these teachings, similarly to materialistically and profit-oriented science, are engaged in a study of the essence of the Universe (Philosophy, Physics), life (Biology), man (Psychology, Anatomy), relations between people (Sociology, Economics), etc. They also generate findings and methods of how to acquire, develop and apply themselves. The fact that they start from Principles not recognised or understood by many does not change anything about them, nor does it mean that they are less valuable findings or methods. Their significance in the rediscovery of Non-matter, reapplication of non-material Principles in our time and for the systemic utilisation of our findings on Matter is irrefutable. In further in-depth study, we discover that in some directions the ”old and unscientific” teachings exceeded materialistically and profit-oriented cognition. Even in the areas of communication technologies and medicine that should be the pride of contemporary materialistic science.

In the following sections, we demonstrate how non-material and material findings, from the past as well as the present, can be efficiently utilised…

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