Holotropic Breathing

…The effects of holotropic (speeded up) breathing are based on the vital importance of respiration to the human body and on the Principles of directing of the human body. This is manifested on both the bodily and spiritual levels. How then, does it work?

The main function of respiration is the removal of α-carbon from the organism. Thus a continuous process of the Rearrangement of Matter on a material level in the human body is ensured. Depending on the functions performed by the body, or the environment in which the body is at the moment, the Non-Material Control Centre of the Body (NMCCB) regulates the respiratory rate and volume. However, during holotrophic breathing, the removal rate of α-carbon from the blood increases, as well as the volume of the molecular oxygen in the lungs and subsequently the quantity of free oxygen in the blood, without being required by the situation, because the treated person is at rest.

This leads to the following:

  1. Bodily Matter is spurred on to a substantially greater level of activity than that which corresponds to the resting state.
  2. A file of forces (Non-matter including Energies) and resources (Matter), which are usually unavailable, is created in the body.

Of course, the body uses these favourable conditions for resolving the problem for which it has not yet had sufficient time nor the aforementioned forces and resources. So it starts, in accordance with its systemic needs, to remove Unnatural Waste (including sediments), i.e. unnatural Non-matter (not excluding Energies) and Matter. The self-treatment process is triggered and its strategy is determined by the organism itself. A more or less intense course of waste elimination depends on the condition of the body and is externally manifested in different ways, ranging from a calm course of treatment to cramps.

On the spiritual level, the Creative Spirit ”assumes responsibility” for breathing on behalf of the Non-Material Control Centre of the Body. This is because the Creative Spirit, of its own free will, forces the body to breathe significantly more quickly than required by the resting state. Due to the importance of breathing for the existence and functions of the body, the Creative Spirit must temporarily free itself from the numerically significant file of information coming to it from the outside world, otherwise it would not be able to manage this process successfully.

Through this, the Creative Spirit actually removes unnatural ”information noise”, preventing it from receiving and evaluating natural information from Non-matter. Messages, including Karmic ones, which may relate to its past lives as well as the current life, now have access to the Creative Spirit. The Creative Spirit can relive them in the course of a holotropic session. Simultaneously, the Creative Spirit is offered natural solutions to its previous unnatural behaviour. The self-treatment process is thus also carried out on a spiritual level. It is manifested by both the calm and also very uninhibited behaviour of the person undergoing treatment.

Holotropic breathing is therefore used for tuning the Creative Spirit and the body, for the overall harmonisation of man, his learning how to operate with Energy. However, we do not recommend the use of this method as an ordinary instrument for obtaining information from Non-matter, the ”other side”. Other, more natural methods serve this purpose, which correspond to the cognition and life plan of the relevant individual. In this context, every individual has access to information from Non-matter whether he/she realises it or not. During our lifetime we all, without exception, have at our disposal sufficient opportunities and our own tools to enable these to be used for our Contentment and Health. However, it is necessary to pay the appropriate attention to these signals to be able to perceive and assess them naturally. We consider a Natural Lifestyle and Natural Treatment to be the only systemic method of achieving this…

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