Food and Beverages

…Love should never be absent in the selection of food and beverages, as well as in their preparation and consumption. It is precisely loving Energies which enable us to recognise natural food and beverages, to select a natural method of preparation, to harmonise their Densification with the Densification of our temporary human bodies and to process them as effectively and sparingly as possible.

Prayers before eating (not only Christian) were introduced to harmonise the food prepared for consumption. Such prayer, meditation and similar customs not only serve as thanks to God, the Creator, Nature, etc. for the gifts, but especially for the Energy configuration of both the meal and the organism just before their ingestion. Unfortunately, knowledge of this universal function of prayer is neglected by many. However, spiritually advanced individuals have used it in the preparation of food as well as for their bodies during the whole past existence of mankind. Because this is yet another utilisation of Targeted Non-material Influence and that is why it is included in various forms in many teachings about ”the same”…

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