Positive effects of Natural Lifestyle

…On the material level, the consequence of a Natural Lifestyle is therefore the Health of the temporary human body, whose Matter naturally grows and renews itself, because natural substances enter the body and Unnatural Waste does not weaken it. Natural food and a natural environment have a fundamental role in these processes. We can also not ignore natural movement and rest. The organism will reward us not only by a good condition, i.e. the maximum possible bodily performance, including resistance against disease, but it will also support the spiritual and psychic processes, such as the storage and picking up of information by the Creative Spirit to/from brain. The organism will also create more favourable conditions for the development of our ”supernatural” abilities—it will support our non-material Perception which is strongly suppressed by the materialistic and profit-oriented attitude of the entire society and whose result is an immense quantity of unnatural Matter polluting our temporary bodies as well as living environment.

The contemporary power elite focus on the ”fight” against global warming about which they know almost nothing, and do not want to know, but in which they sense big profit. The elite resolve (for themselves) the economic and Energy crises which they have invoked by their incompetence and greed. They have no interest in treatment the millions of sick, feeding the millions of hungry, or stopping the ruthless killing of millions of innocent in wars. They drown the world in dirt and smog, not excluding in the so-called advanced countries. The elite do not desire knowledgeable, but dependent individuals.

It is therefore obvious that one cannot rely only on others even though they evaluate themselves as the ”best”. In this situation, a Natural Lifestyle enables every individual to improve and broaden his abilities to recognise what is or is not good, natural. And how is this manifested? Our bodies, both non-material and material, will provide us with more sensible and accurate information about how they feel and what is happening around us. We will be able to select the suitable, natural foods, raw materials for our clothes, sites and materials for the construction of buildings, natural medication, etc. without the aid of laboratories, special devices and greedy advertising. We will consume significantly fewer medicines, both natural and unnatural foods and beverages. Eating will become simpler and the total cost of living will drop. We will lose interest in many unnatural things considered essential or irresistible today. We will be emancipated from the captivity of marketing campaigns whose purpose is to make services and goods addictive. We will gain more important material information about ourselves and the world we live in, we will get rid of the information clutter which controls us. We will invest our time and money in other areas. We will discover new natural technologies which assure us of heating, lighting, safety, etc. without relying on anonymous suppliers and giant companies hundreds and thousands of kilometres away. We will be less dependent on others, on their abilities, mistakes, irresponsibility and ruthlessness

The ”free market” will again be our good servant and not bad master. The diversity of choice, incorrectly referred to as competition, is designed to create space for individual freedom, provide more possibilities of choice. This diversity must not become a tool for the liquidation of the ”weaker” or those with different opinions…

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