Three Myths about Love

Some of us believe that a loving life will free us from the surrounding ”negative” phenomena, or the surrounding ”Evil”. This is the first widespread myth about Love. The Universe is a very diverse environment, whose role is to provide increasingly more options for the expansion of Love and the non-material skills of Beings, including man. Every individual has the same right to the Universe, with the Universe at the same time creating the corresponding conditions for everyone. It is remarkable that Beings, by their actions, retroactively influence the Universe. They may, therefore, actively, albeit with different levels of restriction, participate in the content of its Operational Cycles, in its properties, in the conditions under which they conduct their being, including their temporary human lives. These also include the existence of the ”negation” and the ”Evil”. From our point of view, we regard these as nothing other than our unnatural, painful reaction to our own ignorance. As soon as we begin to practise and use a loving approach, the ”negation” and ”Evil” will acquire other dimensions for us, which are contained, among others, in the information on the transition of man and the planet Earth to what is known as 4D, 5D and other means of the Perception and presentation of the universal environment. Step by step, we will stop resolving our encounters with our own lack of cognition, or the lack of cognition in others, by the accumulation of power or Matter, violence, fear, self-harm, self-humiliation, self-pity and other ”negative” and ”Evil” reactions. We will not consider ignorance a threat. ”Negative” and ”Evil” findings and experiences will become the other side of the same coin for us. In so doing, we will realise that it is only up to us as to which side of this coin will work, and how. How we label Beings, phenomena, environment, etc., that are different from us (e.g. ”Evil”), that we have not yet experienced, and how we think about our encounters with them, how we experience them. Simply put, how contented and healthy we can be in these situations. In this sense, Love does not remove ”negation” and ”Evil” from the Universe, but from ourselves. The more we replace them with a loving approach, the less they control us. On the contrary, we start to control them. This also means that ”negation” and ”Evil” are primarily matters for the individual. Each person, through the level of his/her Love decides whether ”negation” and ”Evil” is felt, and to what extent. With growing Love, our ”power” increases. We understand any suffering as a personal choice to experience something brand new or as another attempt to deal with what we have not yet dealt with. We are not going to accuse God, others, bad luck, Satan or others of it. We try not to respond to our own suffering and the suffering of others by ”negations” and ”Evil”, i.e. by accumulating power or Matter, violence, fear, self-harm, self-humiliation, self pity, etc. In so doing, we are better able to find Beings and tools that have a similar mindset and purpose and that are able to relieve us in the most difficult times and show us the natural way out of suffering, out of the ”negation” and ”Evil”. When thinking about the facts stated above, we should not forget that each of us is in a different developmental-cognitive phase, and that we can have our own methods of achieving the desired objectives. We should not, therefore, compare ourselves with others and ”cross” each other’s paths. These rules, too, are a manifestation of Love.

The second myth is the idea that a loving man is weak, naive, living outside reality, irrational, impractical, subordinated, etc. In our opinion, these considerations are based on ignorance about what Love is, or on the current inability to apply information about Love in practice. Indeed, Love is the highest manifestation and effect of power, rationality, pragmatism, deep insight into the situation and personal sovereignty. Only a loving approach ensures that you do not become the slave of yourself or some-one/something else. With Love—through harmony and synergy as the main management tools—you can streamline the thoughts, emotions and actions in our material world, to rule the reason, feelings and actions with a ”firm but, at the same time, benevolent hand.” There is nothing better and more efficient. The only way to be allowed to recognise the effects of Love is through its diligent study and the consistent practical application of the knowledge acquired. If we have the impression that we are weak, naive, or irrational, the current intensity of our Love is insufficient. It is necessary to persevere in our efforts and to try harder. Or to consult with someone more experienced, who has not only the information but also the results in this field. We notice ”the first swallow” as an enhanced Contentment and improvement in our Health. Gradually we become more clear-headed, less reliant on others, more aware of our power and able to use it naturally. We become more determined, are able to find and execute natural solutions for ourselves and are better able to cope with changes, whether ”positive” or ”negative”. The enjoyment of the possession and consumption of Matter, the control of others, conquering others, is replaced by the enjoyment in the directing of Matter including one’s temporary human body, and the ability to cooperate with and help others, and in the immense cognition which ensures security and abundance. Our Love, our harmonious and synergic influence becomes our greatest joy and gradually generates talents, skills, pleasures and achievements in our lives of which we had not even dreamt before.

Another false concept of Love, which is intensively pandered to by people, is connected with the above-mentioned possibilities of loving approaches in the field of cognition and therefore also technological progress. And this is that Love hampers technological development, that its most efficient drive is especially materialistically and profit-oriented research and the economic system. The third myth about Love is in the world. One just needs to take a look around. Indeed, if we check the mass media, we see that the ”high-tech” civilisation is not the most advanced civilisation on Earth. Maybe we can present huge and awesome collections of information about Matter, but we forget that this view is incomplete and that we are unable to use this information naturally. Many of the so-called modern technologies are harming our Health, lives and the environment. Many of these we use unscrupulously to satisfy our power-hungry and greedy intentions, which we consider as the only means to progress and prosperity, or as proof of personal success and entitlement to greater benefits at the expense of others. If we had set off on the path of Love a few thousand years ago—the path of harmony and synergy, we would be looking at the current ”amazing” results of materialistic and profit-driven technological development with an indulgent smile. We would regard the current economic system in the same light and would wish that society, which uses both, would awaken rapidly to free itself from self-harming, greedy and fearful approaches. Technological progress, as well as the economic system, in a loving society have a much greater dynamism and also individual and societal contribution in all respects, including the material one. A combination of non-material and material approaches accelerates man faster to findings and leads him to their more efficient use without ”tons of flying splinters from a chopped forest” with which it must continually cope in a principally different civilisation. Indeed, for example, mutual telepathic communication or reading from Non-matter (Akasha), which we consider as manifestations of Targeted Non-material Influence, are incomparably faster and, among other things, also friendlier to the environment. Harmonious and synergistic (or loving) approaches generate a minimum of ”waste”, whether this concerns human intolerance or tons of smog. Therefore, do not block off individual and societal means, resulting in never-ending debilitating redevelopment and renewal. Within a few centuries, those who set out in the loving and non-material direction, will be able to produce the material means of transport, to whose Non-matter they will be able to connect without any devices and thus control them. But we must seek solutions that will lead us to such skills and means. Certainly they are not to be found in materialistically and profit-oriented thinking and behaviour. We should also know that it is up to us to build both science and the economy based on loving approaches. No God or Messiah will do that for us. They may only provide us with instructions. However, many of us reject this universal Principle, or do not understand it.

This is also why we have still not been able to integrate more into the environment of the planet or to utilise its immense possibilities. Although we are surrounded by abundance and security, in its ”incompleteness”, which in recent decades borders on blindness, many live in lack and fear. And all of this is simply because for millennia we have been ignoring the importance of Love in our lives. We do not know what Love is, or do not know how to put our findings on Love into daily practice. A ruthless path to knowledge, a feeling of power over others in partnership, family, working and other relationships, or the senseless competition for property—Matter in any form, in any quantity and for any purpose—replaces loving experience and loving creation. Slogans about progress, prosperity, peace, security, wealth and Health thus become a mere instrument to control others and to beat our own fear resulting from ignorance. It is up to each of us whether to support such an approach. Without Love, however, it is not possible to consider the joyful, healthy, rich and peaceful life at individual or societal levels—the Natural Lifestyle. But we must start with ourselves—and this is a Universal Principle too.

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