Natural Treatment—Our Personal and Social Objective

…However, let us first of all recall that natural (systemic, suitable) means ”in compliance with the Principles of the Universe”, which also includes the natural laws and Love. Therefore, if we are to make treatment natural, we must utilise the Universal Principles. If these state that the cause of the disease is insufficient Systemic Cognition, then the Natural Treatment certainly includes removing the respective systemic ignorance. A man who knows why he fell ill, approaches the treatment with more confidence, experiences the treatment more intensely, directs it more sensitively, is able to cope with its course better and can prevent a relapse more effectively—the return of the disease. With this instrument, the therapist transmits and explains to the patient the universal findings, including information on the causes and consequences of the disease. We consider the key findings to be information about our non-material-spiritual essence and Love, which is the manifestation of all harmony.

The main weight of the treatment therefore falls on the sick person, to study and accept the acquired information. The essential part of this educational process is for the patient to acquire knowledge about him/herself, the human body and the Universe, through Targeted Non-material Influence and, in the same way, about their practical application.

The manifestation of a new Systemic Cognition is therefore a change in behaviour, i.e. elimination of an Unnatural Lifestyle, which we consider to be the primary consequence of disease. In this way, the patient restricts the access of unnatural Non-matter (including Energy) and Matter to himself as well as to his temporary human body. He can more effectively gain and utilise natural Non-matter (including Energy) and Matter and thus more effectively support the cleansing of the body. It is also possible to use a variety of exercises in this part of the treatment, both bodily and spiritual (Targeted Non-material Influence). It is advisable not to delay the beginning of a Natural Lifestyle. We recommend starting simultaneously with acquiring new universal knowledge.

Both steps share not only a time frame, but also other important factors: If an individual wants to be contented and healthy in the long-term, he/she must regard the broadening of Systemic Cognition and the application of a Natural Lifestyle as lifelong processes and must accept that they are mainly in his/her hands. A therapist only guides the afflicted person, suggesting tailored proposals.

Bodily cleansing, too, i.e. the removal of Unnatural Waste—the secondary consequence of disease—can be initiated simultaneously with the previous steps. The role of the patient is again crucial. The level of observance of the treatment methods, the monitoring and evaluation of their manifestations, basically affects the success and effectiveness of the treatment. The person has problems, he/she feels the treatment effects. A cleansing is always individually determined, according to the condition of the patient, his current bodily state, age and the current stage of the disease. However, this does not mean that it is completely different for everybody. Indeed, the ill tend to have similar diseases, because in the respective community they have similar life values, behave similarly, eat and live in similar environments.

To refer to cleansing as natural, it must consist of natural substances, i.e. natural Non-matter (including Energy) and natural Matter which can find Unnatural Waste in the body, disintegrate, bind, transport and support its elimination. No component of natural Matter and Non-matter can be allowed to become an immediate or later source of Unnatural Waste within the organism. At the same time, it must not overburden the body—cause the collapse of any organ (system). The components must also not change the natural course of the processing of Matter in the body (including what are known as metabolic, hormonal processes). On the contrary, they must support their renewal and guide the organism to trigger a natural functioning of the immune system to the fullest extent, so that the entire weight of cleansing can be shifted on to it. In the final phase of cleansing, the body should eliminate Unnatural Waste essentially through its own strength. Suppression of natural immune responses by immunosuppressive drugs may perhaps be ”necessary” under certain circumstances, but it is always a sign of deep systemic ignorance or unwillingness to eliminate this waste systemically.

The natural tools of cleansing therefore contain substances meeting the above description. These include, in particular:

  1. A diet of natural food and beverages (with high content of vegetable Matter).
  2. Herbal treatment with curative herbs (fresh, frozen, dried) used also as: (a) Aquapathics (concentrates including homeopathics, teas, baths), (b) Components of ointment, poultices, (c) Foodstuff (fresh dandelion leaves, nettle leaves).
  3. Other natural material methods of releasing and harmonising Energy and material flow in the body (acupuncture, acupressure, vacuotherapy, natural mineral influence, aromas, sounds, images, tachyons).
  4. Energies bound to Matter by a therapist and thus transmitted to the body of the patient (some refer to them as Energy therapies).
  5. Targeted Non-material Influence by a therapist or the patient (again, some refer to this as Energy therapy).

Now let us briefly explain how the five natural tools of bodily cleansing listed above take effect in the organism, where their natural limitations are and how they relate to each other…

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