What are Contentment and Health

Contentment is the result of the correct, natural processing and experiencing (feeling) of information by the Creative Spirit—the result of its correctly, naturally functioning Self, thinking and emotions in compliance with the systemic Principles, especially Love. Health thus expresses the correct, natural functioning of the human body, which is the result of natural bodily processes, i.e. not leading to the weakening, damage and destruction of the organism. It is fundamentally influenced by the actions and life plan (destiny, Karma) of the relevant Creative Spirit.

What are known as innate and hereditary diseases are therefore also associated with the life plan. The influence of the Creative Spirit on itself and the body therefore is exerted through six basic elements: thinking, emotions, food and beverages, environment, movement and rest, whose quality is determined by the level of its application of Love. Contentment and Health thus form connected containers which influence each other and inform the Creative Spirit about the consequences of its actions. They are the systemic indicators of the behaviour of an individual and the manifestation of his/her proper, natural behaviour. Neither Contentment nor Health can be achieved without Love

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