Systemic Approach to the Examination of the Human Body

…The position of the Creative Spirit in the human body may be regarded by some as a paranormal phenomenon or nonsense, and therefore they do not include it in their considerations. However, we think that there are an increasing number of reasons and sufficient evidence to be convinced of another solution. However, insufficient application of the non- material perspective is not only a matter of materialistic expert opinion. A more significant factor which reduces the quality of examining of the human body, is the growing dependence of science on entrepreneurial subjects who use its results mainly to consolidate their power.

The restrictive materialistic and profit-oriented approach, which has dominated modern science, is thus supported by non-systematic globalisation, whose main risk lies precisely in the accumulation of power in the hands of an ever smaller number of materiallistic and profit-oriented people regarding themselves as elites and experts. Science operating under these circumstances has and will have a higher economic output in terms of competitive indicators, but also a decreased systemic contribution to the cognition of man and therefore also decreased social benefit.

The conclusions of materialistic and profit-oriented research therefore cannot be complete and trends cannot be correctly, systemically defined. The human organism is considered without regard to the systemic context between Non-matter and Matter, and part of undeniable influences is not taken into consideration. Of course, this approach negatively affects the care of the Contentment and Health of man. Increasing morbidity, new diseases and seasonal epidemics do not indicate progress. The influence of Non-matter, therefore, should not be ignored. Its examination can bring us to the explanation of the essence of life, as well as to more efficient, cheaper cognitive and Health care systems.

How can we achieve this? Economic reforms can certainly play a role, but still only economic, supportive. This follows from the systemic function of Economics. Few acknowledge that the economic problems of the present times are not the consequence of the failure of the system of Economics, but the principles underlying a materialistic and profit-oriented Perception of the world. Systemic failures cannot be substituted endlessly merely by the regrinding of economic instruments. Systemic Cognition is the mover of everything. Matter, in which Economics is so interested, has only one of the presentation functions that also include economic indicators. The key, directing role is played by Non-matter.

The most significant factor affecting my temporary human body, therefore, is the Self-Creative Spirit. My relationship with it is well illustrated by the following example: Although I practically do not know much about the directing of the human organism on the material level, and mostly cannot describe or explain the file of biochemical processes that take place, for example, in a hand movement, I can trigger this activity and my body will perform it. Perhaps nobody doubts the fact that the body is the carrier of information, as well as having the skills of how to ”force” itself into action and how to directly control its progression on the cellular level. In this process, only my ”brief” instructions are expected from me.

The immense number of biochemical reactions required for the movement of the hand are handled by the organism with its own information, without the Self. This applies to many other tasks of which I am not even aware at all, such as the removal of dysfunctional cells or the maintenance of information stored in the brain. This is indeed a systemic measure preventing me from editing the contents of vital information sources and practices, so as not to result, due to my temporary and limiting ignorance, in any injury or death of the body, or at least not to make it difficult and painful. However, my role is not negligible. I am responsible for creating the conditions under which the body can naturally or unnaturally administer its information, direct its processes and fulfil my requirements. Unfortunately, the lack of cognition in this area is alarming and the ”paranormal” astronomical costs of medical systems in the so-called advanced countries only confirm this.

Therefore, we think that research on the human body should focus substantially more on how I can naturally influence my temporary body and where the limits of my potential lie. In addition, this route should be far more supported on the societal as well as individual levels. Indeed, each of us is sufficiently equipped to independently demonstrate the level of our Contentment and Health. If I develop my skills naturally, I will certainly come to the correct, systemic results. My organism ”knows” how to function properly, all I have to do is merely to listen to it. It does not need ”extra” information or the ”sophisticated” intervention of experts on the molecular level. It requires only the appropriate conditions for its activity. We repeat that I am the guarantor and creator of these conditions.

However, in the scientific field it seems that the high morbidity or incurability of some diseases are the consequence of little detailed knowledge of, for example, the biochemical reactions in the liver cell or the signalling molecules of the immune system. Due to the scale of such oriented research activities, we may also believe that there are forthcoming disasters or wars during which human bodies will be subjected to the extensive and longterm effects of devastating technologies. Or is this what is already happening? And can we not resolve it differently?

The above-mentioned research certainly provides a number of interesting facts about the behaviour of the Matter of the human body, but obviously and for a long time we have not known what to do with them. At the present time, we do not consider their contribution to be adequate or economical. Overcrowded pharmacies, outpatients’ departments and hospitals are the daily proof. They simply do not answer the question of how man can actually maintain or restore Contentment and Health. And yet, general comprehensibility and accessibility are the basic attributes of the systemic solution. Contentment and Health are not discriminatory. Everyone can achieve them, regardless of age, sex, education, race, religion or wealth. We are the only regulators. In this sense, the difficulties and complexities create barriers which are not beneficial to Contentment and Health. They suggest to us that the chosen path is wrong, non-systemic or that we are not yet sufficiently knowledgeable for it, not ready, and that we are missing (or have missed) some crucial step in our evolution.

And so many talented, educated, diligent people work intensively in the long term, many patients are treated intensively and in the long term, plenty of resources are intensively wasted in the long term, a lot of money is intensively invested in the long term, incorrect, non-systemic direction. Part of society unconsciously or knowingly lives parasitically on the unawareness, fortifying the unnatural state. Nevertheless, many individuals—even the ”best—”succumb to the pressures of Matter and profit. They dedicate their exceptional talents and exceptional acquired skills to the desire for power, wealth, pleasure, admiration, victory over others. This situation, however, is not only created by them, but also by others who support it by what they know about human life and what they want to know, and how they experience their lives.

Let us assist in the solution of this dismal situation, let us start with ourselves, let us learn to live naturally, let us reduce our demand for unnatural solutions and let us direct our attention to ourselves and also outside of Matter. Let us enable the immense potential (also mine) to be invested, not only in supportive economic growth, but especially in cognition (also mine). And in revealing the causes, instead of in the tiring extinguishing of the fires of civilisation, as which we consider metabolic syndrome, hypertension, epilepsy, ischaemic heart disease, AIDS, endometriosis and many other ”nightmares” of contemporary man.

Let us examine in particular what I can do for my temporary human body so that it can naturally provide its services and how I can, if necessary, naturally return it to a state of Health and to make myself contented. If this were not possible, man would have already long ago abandoned this planet…

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