Dextrorotatory and Laevorotatory Energies

…In connection with the Energy changes that accompany the various types of transformation of individuals as well as civilisations, dextrorotation or laevorotation of Energy spirals are often mentioned. Sometimes even dextrorotary Energies are referred to as being suitable for man and laevorotatory Energies as unsuitable, or the complete converse. According to our knowledge, dextrorotation, laevorotation and the assessment of their suitability are based on systemic Energy changes alternating constantly with one another and in the thus far prevailing dual understanding of the world. Both the planet and the civilisation operating on it, are exposed to various Energy conditions at systemic intervals. This means that, during a certain period, for example several thousands of years, we have a certain type of Energies at our disposal. After the end of the relevant time period, the properties of Energies flowing towards us from the Universe change. This change may also include a change in the occurrence of the dextrorotary or laevorotary Arrangement. An important fact is also that dextrorotary or laevorotary variants occur in immense, one might say in endless, quantities and together in a certain ratio. What variant of Energies (including their dextrorotation or laevorotation) will prevail in a particular period and will have a dominant influence, is determined by the current systemic needs of the planet and civilisations—their current operational (in the case of the planet) and developmental (in the case of the Being) stages.

This implies that it is not possible to state unambiguously that dextrorotary Energies are always natural and laevorotary Energies always unnatural. It depends on the relevant operational and developmental situations. And just at the present time, we are being warned that an era of great change is beginning, symbolised by the year 2012, as well as by many prophecies. Both the planet and man must move on. The atmosphere of Matter, fear, greed, pollution and violence is already suffocating any progress to such an extent that we often even regard self-harming and self-destructive methods and tools as being natural.

Returning to Energy, the present situation is also accompanied by changes of the rotation of Energy spirals streaming in from outer cosmos into our space. For some time already, there have been and are available, to a greater extent than in previous millennia, levorotatory variants of Energies. Now we can conclude that the arguments about the suitability of the dextrorotatory spiral for man has its temporary systemic foundation. The domination of dextrorotation and what it offered in its variant, was characteristic and necessary for the period just ending. Clairvoyants at the beginning of our ”dextrorotatory” era obtained and spread this information for the benefit of us all.

However, at the present time, a systemic change is taking place. The planet and humanity can perceive with increasing intensity the laevorotatory Energy spirals bringing a different method of processing information, different views on issues, new capabilities—new existential-cognitive condition. Everybody will cope with these eventually. It ”only” depends on to what extent, in their ignorance, they resist them and to what extent they are ”concerned” about them on the individual and societal levels. The main objective of these changes lies in the reopening of information about the non-material/spiritual Principles of our being and their harmonisation with the current purely materialistic majority cognition. During this journey, our civilisation will change unimaginably, regardless of what the powerhungry in governments, the corrupt in political parties, the greedy in companies, all the blind and intolerant and also all those who consciously or subconsciously support them, will wish.

One of the many changes will also be a new view of dextrorotation and laevorotation, not only of Energies but also, for example, of political directions. These dual concepts, the explanation of the essence of things in the relevant developmental stage to the dually thinking man, will lose their developmental justification and the human Being will perceive them differently. Firstly, we will reach the conscious integration of the non-material and material Perception of ourselves and the outside world, and this approach will become the basic scientific method. Initial information about this new perspective is already bearing fruit. We refer to what is known as the holistic approach, which is being applied in treatment, albeit to a limited extent, and to the growing interest in the spiritual teachings of the past and present in our materialistic and profit-oriented society. In addition, there are the recent discoveries of materialistic science in the field of the Quantum Theory, which shake their own definition of scientism. New systemic possibilities, however, go far beyond the considerations of contemporary man. Those who wish to advance, must not prevent the new conditions, must support and develop them. Moreover, they should not forget that, without Love, it will be very difficult…

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