Non-material (Energy) and Material Body

…Materialistic and profit-oriented science has achieved a high degree of accuracy in the details of the anatomy of bodily organs (systems) but, contrary to the volume of these findings, the knowledge of the functions of the human organism, its various parts and their relationships is still inadequate. There is plenty of information about what the body is composed of, but how individual organs (systems) of the body function and cooperate is not known at all, or only superficially. Intensive research of body Matter, regardless of the existence and functions of Non-matter, results in a huge data set whose usability does not correspond to the resources required to obtain it.

The discovery is also alarming that, in order to encompass so much information, to remember it and to manage its multiple combinations, becomes a problem even for very talented individuals. This is no wonder, because if the systemic functions are unknown or unrecognised, it is necessary to continue to search laboriously. These non-systemic phenomena logically result in increased Health care costs. In the field of the diagnosis and therapy of disease, they support the use of industrial technologies that threaten human Health and Contentment. They also lead to an increasing number of standards, attempting to ”arrange” into tables the individuality of each of us confirmed by materialistic science. And so we see ambulances, clinics and pharmacies full of sick people. This definitely does not indicate the declared prosperity and progress, but rather greed and the lack of cognition. In this situation, it clearly shows that an individual’s initiative in the care of Health and Contentment is paramount and irreplaceable.

However, society must create sufficient space for the systemic behaviour of people. This is the way to reduce the number of patients and the costs of Health care systems, not economic reforms balanced between the possibilities of the country and the interests of the medical industry. Information therefore should be made available to each person to enable him/her to make decisions in accordance with his/her own needs and primarily to take care of his/her own Contentment and Health in person. What else should we know about our temporary covering?

It has already been mentioned that the human body consists of two systemic parts, which constitute one functional unit. When we mention non-material human body, we are referring to the organs (systems) of the human body which are not formed by Matter—their systemic components, therefore, are not Matter, including atomic Matter. If we further speak about the material human body, whereby we are referring to the organs (systems) of the human body, which are also formed by specifically arranged atomic Matter and also by Non-matter systemically determining the existence and functions of the relevant Matter of the body as a whole.

In order to obtain a better idea, it may be noted that these are almost all structures of the human body examined by the branch of science called Anatomy. A special feature of this Higher Arranged Matter is its ability to receive through a non-material body the information and guidance of a Creative Spirit which is temporarily enclosed within it.

And vice versa, the Creative Spirit ”knows” how to obtain information from this Matter on both the activity of the material body, including the state of its individual organs (systems), and information from its surroundings. Many failures in identifying the causes of disease or removing its consequences are based merely on ignorance of the above-mentioned relationship between Non-matter and Matter. Such a gap in cognition does not permit the Systemic Cognition of how a human body is directed and what processes are involved when processing of Matter…

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