Development of a Creative Spirit and the Transformation of Man

…Learning and applying the Principles of the Universe produce continuous changes in man, corresponding to his life’s plan (destiny, Karma) and his actions, whether in the present or past. While he barely notices some events, others may significantly redirect his human pilgrimage and sometimes interfere in his future lives. The process referred to as transformation also represents such a key phenomenon.

However, before we focus on transformation, we would like to emphasise that we do not consider transformation to be the prerogative of the more knowledgeable, advanced, educated, etc. It cannot be concluded that a man who has undergone or is undergoing transformation has a higher cognition than those who have not yet encountered it in their lives. It is very misleading to evaluate other people, especially their cognition. Therefore, there may be people living among us who have not undergone this transformation and yet have immense information at their disposal and a great ability to apply Love in their lives. This is because the systemic measure of the cognition of man is the extent of the Love with which he experiences his temporary humanity and this the only systemic evaluator of man is he himself. In relation to other people, we can only assess whether we agree with their opinions and actions and whether we want to share in them.

The subject of transformation is a significant extension to the cognition of man, including the ability to operate with Non-matter. The given Creative Spirit places this situation in man’s life plan as one of the possibilities of speeding up his development. It is up to the individual whether to accept the respective challenges at any given moment. The objective of transformation thus is the creation of fundamentally new conditions for the development of the relevant individual and for a broader, more effective involvement in the systemic influencing of the processes of civilisation in compliance with the Principles of the Universe.

Transformation is therefore executed on both the individual and societal levels and has non-material and material manifestations. Many people experience transformation without being aware of it. Often they or others think this is the consequence of a disease whose causes are not revealed at the present time. They needlessly treat themselves and unnaturally affect their bodies. They are often referred to as freaks, malingerers or hypochondriacs. This is also why we want to contribute with our opinion and experience to the clarification and understanding of this remarkable and important life stage of some of us.

From the point of view of man, transformation is executed on two levels—spiritual (transformation of a Creative Spirit) and bodily (transformation of a human body)—that may be carried out simultaneously, subsequently or partially overlap. If we consider the time scale, we should not forget that the causes and consequences of our actions need not be manifested simultaneously in only one lifetime, but can also appear subsequently in the course of our repeated existence. Both levels mostly occur at the same time, so that the circle is closed within the relevant human lifetime.

Like everything else that we experience, transformation also has its individual characteristics. And this is not only valid for its realisation and emotions, but also for the aforementioned time frame or ”triggering” mechanisms (information in a book, injury, natural phenomenon, personal meeting, vision). Together with these experiences, each of us also applies his/her uniqueness and thus contributes to the shared well of knowledge.

Transformation is a complex and gradual process. It includes the Creative Spirit (Higher Self and soul of the Being) and human body (soul of the body and material body), i.e. non-material and material structure of man. Spiritual and bodily levels mutually influence, complete and prepare the conditions for further changes within each other. Thus they may be an example for man that progress, development, success lie in cooperation, mutual respect and patience, not in senseless competition to be so-called ”better”.

We repeat that, in this context, transformation is not the prerogative of the ”more perfect ones”, but one of the tests of any given individual as to what systemic extent the findings, including internal feelings, can be applied. Due to the uniqueness of each of us and the amazing diversity of the environment in which we live, manifestations of transformation may be manifold. That is why the reader should perceive the following lines as our subjective opinion.

The objective of transformation at a spiritual level is the Creative Spirit, its thinking and emotions that determine what information will be accessible to it and how it will influence the temporary human body. The quality of accessible information and the quality of the influence of a Creative Spirit on a body are based on the quality of Non-matter (including Energy) attracted by a Creative Spirit merely by the way of its thinking and emotions. The closer such bound Energies are (with their properties) to the Energies concealed in the word, Love, the more correct, natural information we can accept and create in any given situation, and the fewer contradictions, inconveniences, fear and pain we invoke within ourselves.

To discover, use and develop our abilities precisely in compliance with the Energies of Love is our main human task. If we proceed with our thinking, emotions and actions step by step towards Love, we can reach a point where we feel a fundamental change in our reasoning, whether this is related to the solution of Health problems, relationships between people or viewing death and the meaning of life…

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