”Supernatural” Abilities

…Unusual abilities of individuals are therefore a subject of general interest and emotive discussions. In our terminology, we summarise part of them into term Targeted Non-material Influence and their essence in the directing relationship of Non-matter (including Energy) into Matter. If the objective of non-material influence is to eliminate disease, we speak of miraculous treatment methods. Mutual communication among people without the use of the material body or material technical devices is called telepathy. Movement of material objects in the same way is called teleportation. If the objective of ”paranormal” influence is an attacking or defensive action, such deeds are called martial arts.

At this point, we remind readers that violence is non-systemic behaviour, an action in conflict with the Principles of the Universe and should be assessed as such by all participants. The most perfect fighting technique is the prevention of violence without any material contact. It is manifested in a specific form of prescience (for example, predicting an attack with closed eyes), immobilising the opponent or influencing his spiritual state (thinking, emotions) without the use of material means (including the material body). All Beings and all living and non-living Matter can be influenced in this manner. Under specific conditions, man is also able to move through the atmosphere, known as levitation, or become materially undetectable—invisible, whether by means of the human eye or technical devices.

The utilisation of Targeted Non-material Influence against anybody or anything is labelled ”Magic” by some. If this happens in compliance with the Principles of the Universe, especially Love, it is called white Magic. In the contrary case, it is said to be black Magic.

The first phase in all the above-mentioned ”paranormal” phenomena is the acquisition of information from Non-matter. By information, we understand the proposal of a technical solution, describing the cause of disease, treatment instructions, foreseeing the future, as well as seeing into the past, etc. Many, by referring to these abilities as ”nonsense” and, as already mentioned, contradictory to a scientific approach, prevent their examination. Yet others undertake secret research, also at expense of the society, hiding the results carefully from the public. Only a small group with minimal support deals with these abilities publicly, with the relevant attention and without any hidden agendas.

This is also the reason why contemporary man does not commonly utilise and develop this natural human ability (Targeted Non-material Influence). This is why he does not know that all Matter, material information, may remain hidden from those who use exclusively material Perception. Through true knowledge, it is possible, with the aid of Non-matter, the directing element of Matter, to directionally change the properties of any material objects, including the human body, for example to treat it. However, most people are not able to achieve such feats. They are prevented from this by their materialistic view of the world and Unnatural Lifestyle…

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