Three Environments and Four Criteria

…Creative Spirit-man is constantly under the influence of 3 systemic environments: human body—the material covering in which the Creative Spirit temporarily ”resides” during the life of man, civilisation—the community in which the Creative Spirit shares the given life of man, and planet Earth—the only place in the Universe where the Creative Spirit, at the present time, can execute the life of man as we know it.

Through the mediation of the human body, civilisation and the planet, it is possible to regulate the objectives, speed and conditions of the development of the Creative Spirits-men. In this regulatory process, the Creative Spirits currently residing in human bodies and whose influence simply is manifested as lifestyle, also participate. Depending on the current Systemic Cognition of a given Creative Spirit and its current life intention, these 3 environments provide 2 systemic functions—to create for the Creative Spirit temporary limiting conditions for the life of man and to present to it the measures for already assessing its own quality during the life of man.

On its life’s path, the Creative Spirit therefore has to discover and use 4 systemic criteria, of which the first 3 characterise the natural state of its environment. These are Health (as a natural state of the human body), peace, mutual respect, cooperation and Essential Personal Needs (as natural civilised—social—conditions for systemic coexistence and learning) and a natural, clean living environment (as a natural state of used and shared space). These 3 criteria thus create a shared foundation for the last criterion—Contentment (as a state of the Creative Spirit whose temporary human body is healthy and which directs its thinking, emotions and actions with Love for everybody and everything)…

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