Cooperation and Uniqueness

…The development of Creative Spirits can take place under various conditions. The way of Love and cognition is thus more or less serpentine and steep. There are many factors influencing these universal processes. The most significant include cooperation and uniqueness. We understand cooperation as a well of information, available to all, into which the results of the cognition of each of us continually flow. In addition, anybody can take anything at any time from this spring of knowledge. It depends on our level of Systemic Cognition as to what we give, take and how we utilise it. Cooperation strengthens the effectiveness of the whole and the recognition of the individual.

By uniqueness, we thus understand individual characteristics representing the most important ”capital” of a Being. Through these, the Being uniquely perceives itself as well as its surroundings and presents itself uniquely. The main tasks of existence include enabling others to see themselves, others and their surroundings in a way that they themselves are incapable of doing and, if possible, to integrate this Perception into their thinking, emotions and actions. Uniqueness supports the diversity of the whole and teaches responsibility to individuals.

The extent of cooperation and uniqueness therefore significantly influences the natural development of man as well as of society. Our civilisation sphere is in a phase when it will have to reassess how these two universal instruments are applied. Emphasis on competition is limiting cooperation and omnipresent standards suppress individuality. In a very short time, we have accumulated an immense amount of information about Matter and we produce an incredible quantity of various Matter, yet we are unable to assess any of these systemically. We are threatening everything, including ourselves.

This rapid, one-sided progress is now represented by immense social disparities, intolerance, high morbidity and severe pollution of the planet, in spite of the fact that society as a whole has sufficient resources to eliminate such non-systemic phenomena. So far invisible conflicts occur in all areas of life. Relationships between people are described as battles. Contentment and Health serve as a means of controlling others. The economic system has been raised above cognition. The existing model of cooperation and uniqueness has lost all reason… A time of change has to come, but in compliance with the principles of Love and cognition…

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