…As the basic assessment criterion of the level of Systemic Cognition of any given Creative Spirit, we consider the extent of the application of Love in actions towards oneself as well as towards the surroundings.

As stated above, cognition has two indicators. Without the first of these, the file of knowledge, there is nothing to apply, and without the second, actions according to the file of knowledge, there is nothing to assess. In human life, the content and volume of knowledge possessed by the respective individual are often overestimated against the ability to apply this knowledge in practice. One of these examples is that of doctors who smoke. They all have at their disposal a large file of information on the dangers of and the damage caused by this bad habit, yet they cannot apply their knowledge, but knowingly expose themselves to the risk of serious disease and premature death.

Therefore, not only the volume and quality of information, but also the ability to use the knowledge naturally is important. Every individual, every civilisation can simply assess whether their present being and manifestation is or is not in conflict with their own and the general Systemic Cognition and where they find themselves on the path to cognition. This systemic guideline is Contentment and, in the case of man, also the Health of the temporary human body…

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