Respecting Others as well as Oneself

…If cognition, conviction, the wishes of an individual are in contradiction to the opinion or actions of another person, the individual respects—recognises the other’s opinion and actions. This acceptance is also a manifestation of the cognition of Love. In addition, we add a possible example—offering assistance to others, but leaving it up to them whether they want to accept or refuse your help, and respecting this choice. This is a manifestation of Love. Likewise, an individual who accepts the choice of others has a right to follow his own path and ask for the respect of others.

Respect, appreciation and esteem are often mistaken for obedience and submission, whether in the personal or working life. In our opinion, obedience and submission have entirely different characteristics and are often in conflict with appreciation, esteem. Accepting the right of another to his own way, as well as the right of oneself to the same, automatically moves obedience and submission into another sphere. The person who naturally respects and is respected does not require obedience and subordination, he does not need it. He values and executes Cooperation and coexistence differently. But it is common in the present society that ”respect” is enforced by obedience and subordination. We are buried beneath a pile of general as well as legislative standards that try to define respect through obedience and subordination. This proves our generally low Systemic Cognition. Many already are encountering a distorted opinion of respect in the family, where it is enforced by parents or children through spiritual, economic or bodily abuse.

However, this is not respect in the universal sense of the word, but a desire to gain control over another, to impose on another one’s own way, own habits, own experience, even at the cost of injury: ”Because I want it like this, I know best, I mean well, it has helped me, it has always been done this way… the other person must do as I say, or else I will raise hell!” This type of education and relationship only produces fearful, despotic or revengeful individuals on both sides, it results in unbalanced working, partnership and family relationships and many other problems. Of course, it is not always easy to find the right level of interference, for example in the life of a child or of one’s parents, but this is why we came into this world, to learn how to do this. And, in our opinion, without Love and the Rules which we are attempting to define in this text, this will not be feasible…

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