Not injuring Others or Oneself

…Not injuring others or oneself means to accumulate and use everything only on the basis of Essential Personal Need. This relates to all spiritual and bodily conditions that are essential for the natural being and manifestation of any given individual—whether this is trust, friendship, appreciation, help on one hand, or money, houses, estates, cars, foods, clothing, Nature, as well as the human body, on the other hand. If an individual has anything beyond his personal needs, he will use the surplus for the benefit of others or will hand it over to somebody who, in his opinion, will benefit from it. In so doing, it is up to him when and in what way he does this.

As for violence, whether spiritual or bodily, such an act is in sharp contradiction to the Principles of the Universe, especially to Love. A society which cannot resolve its problems without violence cannot consider itself to be advanced. One of the greatest deficiencies in the current Euro-Atlantic civilisation is its lasting efforts to use violence to solve its

internal as well as external problems, despite the fact that, on a material level, it has already reached the developmental stage which enables it practically to exclude violence from its life. Unfortunately, incessant greed, excessive consumption and a desire for power, concealed by competition and economic growth, drive it to increasingly more intensive and greater contradictions.

As one of the manifestations of these unnatural actions, which is continually underestimated, we consider the immense production of violence-filled films and games (including children’s). From early childhood, we are informed that the only effective way of achieving justice and good is the physical liquidation of those who represent injustice and evil. Successful political, legal, economic and social solutions have almost no space in these media. Not because they are unrealistic, but because they would lead to decreased violence in society, decreased domination of some by others and would lead to the bankruptcy of industries ”living” on violence and obtaining power and wealth through violence.

We rate the export of weapons and the deliberate export of technologies and raw materials for their production to other countries (often to those that are branded as undemocratic or to countries that are waging war) among the most hideous deeds of the current ”advanced” civilisation. We consider it just as monstrous to watch people ”fighting” each other for the entertainment of viewers, with the intention of injuring each other. Yet many who exhibit something like this, are talented, diligent and persistent people, able to utilise their spiritual and bodily strengths naturally for the benefit of Love.

We point out that a violent action is not the cause in itself, it does not originate of its own. It represents only the consequence of a previous incorrect, unnatural action. That is why it is meaningless to speculate whether violence used in self-defence, in the interests of justice, can be a natural deed. It is not and will never be. To avoid violence means to disagree with it, not to create situations that can lead to it and not to seek it out (not even on television screens, in computer games). If an individual becomes an object of violence, its executor or participant, it is a life test resulting from his/her previous unnatural action when encountering a violent deed. If an individual is born into a violent environment, commits violence or is its victim, it happens from his own will according to his life plan which he/she composed and with which he/she agreed before entering the body. Such a ”fate” enables man better to understand the senselessness and essence of violence, which thus far was perceived and resolved incorrectly, unnaturally.

Nevertheless, a natural reaction to already displayed violence need not be inaction. If somebody is being injured, it should not be ignored. If one does not feel there is an immediate solution, it is possible to postpone it, but in no case should one pretend that nothing has happened. At least, the minimal measures should be taken immediately, so that the harm cannot be repeated or continue—this is very important. One can defend oneself adequately, leave, alert others, stop communicating with the person, set new conditions of cohabitation. There is a whole range of possibilities and they can be combined. Whatever one chooses, it is also necessary to observe the stated Rules on forgiveness and respect. Knocking the attacker down in fury, causing him/her multiple injuries or even death, although he/she is by that stage unable to hurt anyone in any way due to your first action, is not correct. Similarly, revelling in endless spiritual (so-called psychic) revenge, tormenting the other person with thoughts: ”It serves you right!” is also misleading.

We should also realise that every harmful act has its development, something precedes it, and we should focus our attention and Love on these indicators. This is also valid for self-harm. The highest degree of the solution of any Influence by the Energies of Love or by creating such a non-material (including Energy) ”climate-field” which does not lead to violence and which repels it—in compliance with the Principle of the Ordering of Energies. Elimination of violence at societal level is therefore a matter for the majority, its collective Systemic Cognition of Love. The extent to which this is achieved is influenced by the behaviour of every individual.

Therefore, if man is acting in contradiction to the above-mentioned Rules, if he tries to control others, including by the insistence of his opinions, lifestyle, etc., if he primarily wants to show off before others, out-perform others or take revenge on others, if he consumes or accumulates excessive amounts of Matter as well as Non-matter (including Energies), then he harms himself, others and also his surroundings. Every individual is the judge of him/herself in assessing whether he/she is acting in compliance with this Rule, and other Rules. This position also represents one of the tests of the individual. In so doing, one considers the extent of Love, Contentment and Health, both of oneself and of others, as the best criteria for the evaluation of one’s own actions. This is true also for the witnesses of one’s actions, who have a right to decide in the same spirit whether they share one’s opinions and act with one, or not…

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