Creative Spirit

…The existence of the Universe is not autotelic. The Universe also provides a ”home” to a Being which we call the Creative Spirit (Creative Being). Its specific ”skill” is Creativity (creation), the level of ability to influence itself and its environment, in its unique loving way and according to its own discretion, through Non-matter including Energies. The term ”Spirit” thus expresses the non-material essence of this Being which connects it with its pre-essence.

In view of the non-material Agents of the Supra-universe and the Universe, the Creative Spirit represents a ”blend” of specifically arranged Anti-pre-substance and specifically arranged Prime Substance, i.e. only Non-matter. The Creative Spirit manifests itself on two levels. The first is called the Self (Divine Core, My Divinity, Core of the Being, Higher Self…). This is characterised by a Separateness, a desire for cognition and an ability to love (to influence through Love).

Thinking and emotions or ways of processing of information are the second level of manifestation of the Creative Spirit and overall we call them the basic cognitive algorithms (ego, Lower Self, soul of the Being…). Creative Spirits exist and manifest themselves in the Universe normally outside the human body, ”immortally”, from the viewpoint of Matter. Some of them interrupt this way of being by voluntary and repeatable stays in Matter (through reincarnations)—lives of man—that are only temporary, ”mortal”, like the existence of material human body. The level of Creativity of any given Creative Spirit in the course of the life of man is manifested in the life intention and lifestyle, with which it positively or also negatively affects its human body and consequently Contentment and Health (through relationships with other people, type of nutrition, free time, clothing or dwelling). In their natural being and manifestation, Creative Spirits apply three systemic principles—instruments—Love, Cognition, Cooperation and Uniqueness.

As was mentioned above, Creative Spirits have a non-material essence and that is why they manifest themselves through its mediation—through the Self, thinking and emotions, whether temporarily located within or outside the human body. It is not important whether they are aware of this or not. We refer overall to the influence of the Self (Higher Self), thinking and emotions (Lower Self) as spiritual processes. In this context, we mention the Targeted Non-material Influence (TNMI) by which we understand the influence of any Non-matter and directed by anybody, including the flow of non-material Energies not transmitted by Matter.

Examples of Targeted Non-material Influence of the Creative Spirit temporarily enclosed in a human body in the course of the life of man may be:

  1. Telepathic transmission of information including its obtaining from Non-matter through what is known as channelling (about oneself, others, of past lives, forecasts).
  2. The elimination of disease by non-material Energies (miraculous healing).
  3. Reaching out, speaking, reading, writing, depositing information in the brain or ”arranging thoughts” in the mind, etc.

Targeted Non-material Influence is therefore a result of the targeted—conscious—activity of the Self (Higher Self), thinking and emotions (Lower Self). Contemporary science usually refers to spiritual processes as psychic and many think these are the result of brain activity—a material organ (system) directing the human body, because they believe that the Creative Spirit, soul of the human body (non-material human body) and material human body are the same. Others regard the Creative Spirit and soul of the body as one.

Such opinions cause their advocates to face many cloudy, inexplicable issues. Although the soul of the body (non-material body) and material body create one functional unit—the human body—they fulfil different functions and, moreover, they have different characteristics, because the soul of the body is purely non-material. With their arrangement and in the meaning of their being, the Creative Spirit and soul of the body also differ significantly, although their essence is similar, i.e. non-material. With a certain level of exaggeration, we can say that the soul of the body is an artificial Creative Spirit—of course, one that never reaches compliance with its model. Because the soul of the body is incapable of development. All its changes are the result of interference from the outside and signify the creation of a new soul. However, there is a relationship between a Creative Spirit and a soul of the body which influences the soul’s activity. The quality of spiritual processes significantly affects the quality of the psychic processes. It significantly intervenes in the intake of vital Energies and the management of these. The more the Self, thinking and emotions, are in compliance with the Principles of the Universe, in particular with Love, the more correctly, naturally, the soul of the body, and consequently the whole body, functions…

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