Ordering of Matter

…One of the many systemic manifestations of Matter is ordering. However, we consider it to be less known or referred to, that is why we mention it in this book. Every given quantity of Matter in the Universe is constantly attempting to create a continuous line from the most dense Matter (under influence of the strongest Non-matter) up to the least dense Matter (under influence of the weakest Non-matter). In a way, it ”imitates” the behaviour of its immediate non-material mover—Energy. However, we do not commonly encounter such states. For example, space, which is the environment of the planet Earth, is characterised by an immense number of variants of Arrangement and Densification of material particles. Yet, individual variants alternate with each other and exist and are manifested simultaneously, although it does not follow explicitly from the definition above. We may also say the same about other parts of the Universe, for example, the solar system.

After all, the human body also provides us with obvious evidence of this. Just open any books on Anatomy and Biochemistry. In these, material science describes many possible variants of the Arrangement of Matter existing in the human body ”unnaturally” next to each other, seemingly without regard for the Principles of Ordering of Energies and Ordering of Matter. What enables this ”anomaly”…

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