Arrangement and Imbalance of Matter

…In the Universe, every material particle, every material grouping is continuously in a state of Imbalance, which is the cause of its incessant striving for change. An Imbalance of material particles or material grouping is manifested by:

  1. Systemic difference between Non-matter (including Energies) which in a given moment uses (contains) this Matter, and Non-matter (including Energies) which should in any given moment use (contain) this Matter with regard to its current material Arrangement.
  2. Their constant effort to balance the above-mentioned systemic difference. Matter attempts to reach an ideal balanced state between its non-material and material Arrangement, between its non-material and material manifestations. This includes for example, at any given moment, a balanced state between its weight, colour, temperature, on one hand, and the Energies that it uses, on the other hand. In this way, the influence of Energies on a given quantity of Matter is also continuously updated. Surrounding stronger Energies systemically tie Energies contained in this Matter, while trying to achieve a balance between these Energies and their material Arrangement. However, this state is never achieved, ”thanks” to a state of Imbalance, because, by accepting stronger Energy, another change simultaneously occurs in both the non-material and material Arrangement of the given Matter. At the level of the Universe, this state naturally lasts up to the moment of the removal of the given Matter from the Universe to the Supracreative Point in the Supra-universe— for example, in the human body, up to the Crystallisation of the basic elements (C, H, N, O) in the mitochondria of cells…

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