Matter in the Universe is constantly moving, whether we are able to detect it or not. The directing Agent of the Universe is the Non-matter of the Supra-universe and Universe, which for this purpose is arranged into 5 basic non-material forms. These include:

  • Supracreative Beings.
  • Creative Beings including man.
  • Partially Creative Beings (dogs, dolphins, horses and some other animals).
  • Specific Non-material Programs (directing what is known as living Matter).

We also recommend that you bear in mind the fact that the existence and manifestations of Matter are also the consequence of the influence of:

  • Non-material Agents of the Universe,

as described mainly in the Chapters: Non-matter and Relations between the Agents of the Universe. Each of the five above-mentioned elements affects Matter under conditions corresponding to its systemic role. Supracreative Beings change the Arrangement of Matter during its entry into the Universe or during the creation of a new form, known as life. Creative Beings accomplish this during writing, building or healing… Partially Creative Beings during healing… Specific Non-material Programs during the processing of Matter in the cell… and Agents of the Universe during storms or corrosion, etc.

In its journey through the Universe, Matter undergoes repeating Operational Cycles during which it is arranged, i.e. changes its manifestation, its behaviour. Each Operational Cycle includes two phases: Crystallisation and Rearrangement. The aim of Crystallisation of Matter is to order its initial Arrangement (properties) so that it can be used systemically in the subsequent process of Rearrangement. Initial Arrangement of Matter is adjusted during Rearrangement with the objective of using Matter for the purpose for which it was crystallised. Matter therefore changes its manifestations in conformity with the Systemic Conditions given by the initial Arrangement.

A figurative example of Crystallisation of Matter and Rearrangement is the use of a knife, in particular its blade. Sharpening represents Crystallisation, when Matter is initially ordered—sharpened—in order to fulfil its purpose. Subsequently, it is blunted during cutting, changing its initial manifestation—its initial sharpness, i.e. the Matter of the blade is rearranged. This process continues until the blade cannot be used for its intended purpose, it becomes too blunt. Then it must be crystallised—sharpened—again. It may happen that the blade will be so worn out by Crystallisations (sharpening) and Rearrangements (blunting) that it will not be possible to crystallise (sharpen) it again. Then there is nothing left to be done, but to exchange it for a brand new one. We can liken this process to Supracrystallisation (see further on).

Changes of Matter are manifested in a change in its Densification or a change of Non-matter which it uses systemically. We call this change the Process of Densification of Matter. We can see its essence in the systemic Imbalance of Matter, i.e. in the Imbalance between its non-material and material Arrangement. Matter systemically strives to balance such a difference. However, this is not permitted systemically, therefore Energy constantly flows through Matter, putting it into motion. Concurrently, Matter ”tries to imitate” the behaviour of Energies, i.e. to order itself according to the strength of the Energies contained within it, from the least dense Matter up to the most dense. However, it is not entirely ”successful” in this, as we observe around us.

There are two systemic causes. On one hand, it is the different set-up of the initial Arrangement of material particles that participated in the relevant process of Crystallisation, on the other hand, it is the influence of Supracreative Beings, Creative Beings, Partially Creative Beings and Specific Non-material Programs. Matter, of which the systemic part is represented by the Specific Non-material Program (soul, in the narrower meaning of the word) is called Higher Arranged Matter (living Nature) or life. The human body is one of the forms of life. Other Matter we refer to as Lower Arranged Matter (inanimate Nature). Together with other Agents of the Universe, Matter therefore participates in the creation of conditions for the existence and manifestation of Beings in the Universe…

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