Relations between the Agents of the Universe

…For a deeper understanding of the relations between the non-material Agents of the Universe and Matter, their co-existence may be described as follows:

  1. Agents of the Universe have not and do not come into being one from another, therefore in the Universe, the Anti-substance of the Universe cannot become Prime Substance, nor Prime Substance become Energy, Energy become Pre-matter, Pre-matter become Matter, Matter become Prime Substance, etc.
  2. Non-matter can exist and manifest itself without Matter. Matter, however, cannot exist without Non-matter and is in the process of continuous changes. Non-matter directs Matter, while the converse is not possible. That is also why we direct our bodies and are not directed by our bodies. We determine how the body will be used, when it will move, when it will replenish Matter (eat and drink), when it will rest, etc. Such understanding can lead neurologists and psychologists to an extension of the view of the brain function in the human body or to a clarification of the essence of thinking and emotions.
  3. Matter is the manifestation of the influence of other Agents of the Universe. It cannot in itself display all the causes of its behaviour…

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