Non-material Essence of Information

…Information is always a manifestation of Non-matter and can be expressed, depicted, in two ways—only by Non-matter, or as well as by means of Matter. Material depiction of information therefore is always also accompanied by its non-material presentation. It is important to remember that no given Matter can exist or manifest itself without the respective Non-matter because, only with it, does it create a systemic unit. All information is therefore stored within Non-matter. There it has a changeless and timeless effect. In IT terminology, it is not possible to correct, rewrite or delete non-material information. It has its unique identification code which is never corrected, rewritten or deleted. The method of working with this code and the given information is universal, i.e. identical and unchanging at any time and in any place in the Universe.

The possibility of any given Creative Being, including man (hereinafter only the Creative Spirit), to access non-material information and the possibilities of its utilisation by any given Creative Spirit, is determined by the level of its current Systemic Cognition. This is true both for the being and manifestation of the Creative Spirit out of the human body, and for its temporary and restrictive sojourn within the human body. However, for the time of what is known as the life of man, the Creative Spirit extends the above-mentioned limitations according to its own decision to a self-set extent and in harmony with its life intention (fate, Karma). Information on what was, as well as on what will be, is stored in the file of non-material information, which is often called Akashic Records, morphic field, Cosmic Memory, God’s wisdom, etc.

While information about the past expresses 100% certainty as to how any given process has developed and with what consequences, information on the future can offer systemically possible developments and systematically possible results of any given event. Thus a space is created for the application of Systemic Cognition and the Creativity of the Creative Spirit. These variants of ”solution” are also the contents of its life intention. It is only up to man which path to follow during the course of his life. Besides data on the past and future, Non-matter also ”conceals” the description of the Universe. There we can find information about its origin, composition, rules of operation. Many great scientific solutions, ingenious artistic inspiration and philosophical and religious deliberations also arise therefrom.

Some information is stored simultaneously in Non-matter as well as in Matter. From the position of the Creative Spirit-man, we can imagine the material part of information as the current position of the stars in the sky, a printed book, the uttered word, information about the time of a business meeting stored in the brain, the pattern of behaviour during a visit to a theatre, a mathematical formula written in an exercise book or data saved on a hard drive, etc. It can be corrected, rewritten, as well as deleted. Therefore, it has a variable and time-limited effect. Material information can also be perceived through the material senses of man or mediated by purpose-built devices. From the point of view of completeness, the material part of information depends on its counterpart saved in Non-matter. However, the converse is not true. In any given conditions, Matter in itself might not be able to express information as a whole. Because Matter shows the results, or consequences, but not the essence, the prime cause. If such a piece of knowledge is not available to the receiver of the information or if he/she does not recognise it, Perception, understanding and utilisation are incomplete, which consequently becomes the foundation, the prime cause of many opacities and much suffering in human life. It is, for example, the solution of disputes by hate and violence (racism, wars, terrorism), the growing number of ill and chronically ill (diseases of civilisation) and the unsuccessful applications of the Quantum Theory (explanation of the essence of Matter, life)…

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