The Primary Consequence of Disease

The primary consequence of disease is unnatural behaviour, also known as an Unnatural Lifestyle. This is manifested by exposing Self and temporary human body to the influence of:

  1. Unnatural thinking.
  2. Unnatural emotions.
  3. Unnatural food and beverages.
  4. Unnatural environment.
  5. Unnatural movement.
  6. Unnatural rest.

We repeat that the term unnatural (unsuitable, non-systemic) refers to the conditions which are in non-compliance with a contented and healthy lifestyle of the individual, or with the Universal Principles, especially with Love. An unnaturally acting person reacts aggressively, irritably or, on the contrary, fearfully, excessively affecting the lives of others. He/she may be too withdrawn, unable to make decisions, or impatient and impetuous, constantly changing plans, with a desire for power, wealth, excessive pleasure, etc. He/she is interested in risky activities, among which we consider the consumption of alcohol, smoking, overeating, fast, reckless driving, excessive use of a computer, excessive exercise, violence, etc. The unnaturally acting person spends time in dangerous or polluted venues, such as in night clubs, adrenalin sport locations or other areas of Nature unsuitable for the life of man, etc. He/she operates in factories threatening human Contentment and Health and is oblivious to Contentment and Health in compliance with the Principles of the Universe.

Unnatural behaviour is also the inability to learn, how to earn one’s independent living from a certain age, etc., as well as the wrong, unnatural management of the body (disorders in facial gestures, lameness, drooling). We would like to note that these symptoms may be included in the groups of both spiritual and bodily diseases. This is because a contented as well as a discontented Creative Spirit may reside in an unnaturally manifested body, verifying its level of Systemic Cognition by this way of life.


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