Cause of Disease

As the cause of every disease we consider a lack of Systemic Cognition of the respective individual, i.e. a lack of systemic knowledge or a lack of the ability to apply one’s own systemic knowledge to one’s life. However, the elimination of the cause of disease always leads to the elimination of the disease as such. In the converse case, the disease can return—relapse—in the same or another form. People get sick because they do not know or do not want to know what they should know, e.g. that meat, black coffee and alcohol are not beneficial to their Health. They are not interested in such information, reject it, do not change their lifestyle, do not resist extravagances and do not even try to see for themselves what is going to happen. They do not devote enough time to their own experience or the knowledge of others and they underestimate their body signals.

A textbook example of the deficient application of systemic knowledge is the smoking and obesity of some doctors. These people have sufficient information and practical experience to know where both medically high-risk factors lead. They often advise their patients to stop smoking or lose weight, but they themselves do not follow this advice. Likewise, many who suffer greatly have behaved for a long time or are still behaving in contradiction to their Naturalness, although their ”inner Self” has warned them many times that they are on a bad path. This is often due to a violent, envious, selfish or other unnatural behaviour, or tolerating such attitude towards oneself or others.

Few realise that both cases can lead to the most serious diseases, such as cancer or multiple sclerosis. Long-term or severe suppression of one’s own Naturalness or that of others, i.e. the desire for Love and one’s own journey to Systemic Cognition, have long-term and very unpleasant consequences. Understanding the essence of human life, its purpose and everything associated with it, including disease, should be the main objective of every individual, every civilisation. To resolve a mathematical problem, make ”big” money, be a world record-breaker or film star, to build a cell phone or computer, ”conquer” Nature, penetrate the Universe, and other currently valued ”skills” have a negligible contribution to the Contentment and Health of mankind.

One merely needs to look around. The purpose of human life is not competition with others as to who receives more spiritual or material benefits, advantages, etc. An individual must compete in particular with himself. Competition unnaturally replaces and suppresses the natural desire of Beings for cognition, while unnaturally intervening and limiting the variety of everything as well as of ourselves. The mutual demonstration of the abilities of individuals and groups in the Universe has an informative nature and its aim is to create the biggest, most diverse and most accessible information space possible, as was mentioned in the section: Cognition. If we fail to create such an environment, the relevant system will endure increasingly intense and greater crises and conflicts. The so-called economic crises are merely a consequence of the inadequate Contentment and Health of individuals and society as a whole, and therefore keep repeating themselves.

In preventing the causes of disease and its removal on the level of both the individual and society, the quality of the cognitive, formative, educational and Health care systems has an important influence. In our view, none of these fulfil their systemic functions satisfactorily and they are all undergoing a serious crisis. Ignoring the Principles of the Universe, including those on competition, denying the existence of Non-matter and its crucial role in the process
of cognition clearly have a negative impact on the quality of life of each individual and the quality of civilisation as a whole. It markedly curtails the cognition of mankind, leads to the control of others, is a source of contention and violence, causes huge social disparities, and
also high morbidity. It leads man astray from harmonious coexistence in the spirit of peace, cooperation and mutual respect and distorts the systemic viewpoint on the Contentment
and Health of mankind. However, we should admit self critically that the proponents of this situation are we, all of us. Each of us creates it by what we know about the life of man and how we experience it. On the societal level, we therefore see key deficiencies in the function of the cognitive, formative, educational and Health care systems.

Targeted methods of proof, which are the results of the growing market orientation of science as one of the strategic tools to gain economic and political power, are increasingly being used in the cognitive system which provides directions for further development of
both the individual and society. Science is not solely a matter of the state, but also of private enterprises that understand its fundamental importance in the competitive battle and that now have sufficient funds to finance and thus also
to direct the work of scientific institutions. Science, to a greater extent than is healthy, has become an integral part of the economic system, whose sole criterion for success is represented by the profit margin. The consciousness of man is increasingly being usurped by the idea that his problems and joys in life, including cognition, are meant to be solved or delivered by someone else or something else (a specialist, drug, money, adrenalin experience, partner).

Responsibility for one’s own behaviour is transferred outside of the individual to a perilous extent. The freedom of mankind takes on a wholly different, non-systemic dimension. People want to earn, not to learn. Cognition is treated as a hazardous waste of other, ”more important” processes. What can be used to increase profit is used, the rest is disposed of or stored in a safe place, away from the public eye. The situation in which anyone is able to produce for personal use, by himself, without dependence on others, e.g. Energy, food or medicinal products, is undesirable and not tolerated. That is why everything which materialistically and profit-oriented society thinks it can sell or buy, is replaced with ”excellent” modern and, according to legislation and tables, ”harmless” products of ”progressive” science and ”advanced” industry.

In the formative and educational systems, which set out the principles of the being and expression of the individual in society, the presented and applied value system is in longterm conflict with the Principles of the Universe. The desire for property, power, pleasure, admiration and for the most significant social status possible, are promoted as the main motivational factors of mankind. The absurd, unjust competition of the incomparable (after all, everyone has a different disposition) is purposefully fed by the aforementioned non-systemic factors and is the cause of spiritual as well as material deterioration. Every individual feels the daily oppressive uncertainty caused by an excessive dependence on Matter, which is strengthened in him from birth to death by all possible means. ”Be more beautiful, smarter, faster, stronger and your reward will be more property, power, pleasure and greater admiration by others!”

Only one thing counts—victory, regardless of the consequences to the defeated and often short-sightedly also to oneself. Just take a look around. You will see continuously worsening living conditions, an increase in juvenile delinquency, an increasing number of dysfunctional families and, in addition, a decreasing number of property owners, with a larger quantity of assets controlled by them, terrorism as a normal part of the news media and tens of thousands of people dying from malnutrition daily. This is not the manifestation of an advanced society, but an alarming consequence of inverted values in the lifelong formation and education of individuals.

In Health care, which determines the conditions of care for the Contentment and Health of man, the basic strategy of treatment, due to the limited cognition of materialistic science, is especially the suppression of the manifestations of disease without sufficient knowledge of the non-material functions of the human body. Such an approach also excludes the presentation and application of a Natural Lifestyle and Natural Treatment as the essential tools to preserve and renew the Contentment and Health of man. Because over time, Health has become an important line of business opportunities. All this exists in an environment resulting from the above-mentioned cognitive, formative and educational systems.

We therefore regard the restriction of the individuality of man as one of the major errors in contemporary Health care. People are led to believe that doctors and medical facilities will solve everything for them. In this way, consciously or subconsciously, the primary and indispensable self-initiative in the care of the Contentment and Health of an individual is suppressed. The objective of ”standardised” Health care is not to prevent disease or to cure the patient, but his/her speedy as possible ”economic” return to the workplace. Note that de jure we are not sick, but unable to work. Material and economic pressure, not completing the treatment and not removing the causes of disease due to the materialistic, limited cognition including greed, create a situation few are aware of, even though people encounter it on a daily basis. Despite all the materialistic technical conveniences and materialistic scientific findings available to current Health care, the number of diseases and patients is growing, as well as the number of chronic diseases and chronically ill.


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