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Cause of Disease

As the cause of every disease we consider a lack of Systemic Cognition of the respective individual, i.e. a lack of systemic knowledge or a lack of the ability to apply one’s own systemic knowledge to one’s life. However, the elimination of the cause of disease always leads to the elimination of the disease as such. In the converse case, the disease can return—relapse—in the same or another form. People get sick because they do not know or do not want to know what they should know, e.g. that meat, black coffee and alcohol are not beneficial to their Health. They are not interested in such information, reject it, do not change their lifestyle, do not resist extravagances and do not even try to see for themselves what is going to happen. They do not devote enough time to their own experience or the knowledge of others and they underestimate their body signals.

A textbook example of the deficient application of systemic knowledge is the smoking and obesity of some doctors. Celý příspěvek